From the Vajazzle to the Vagacial

We’re all familiar with heading to the beauty salon for a facial, a manicure or a wax. We’ve even got used to the Vajazzle, as made famous by hit TV show The Only Way is Essex. But how would you feel about popping into your beauty salon and asking for a Vagacial?

The vagacial is the latest trend in beauty maintenance and is a vaginal facial which involves your ‘down below’ areas being primped and primed. The 50 minute treatment¬†includes a bikini wax, hydrating mask and an exfoliation to improve the skin condition.

The treatment has been around in the States for a number of years but is a fairly new development to the UK market. It has been described as ‘mindless grooming’ and has sparked a debate over whether this is good grooming or simply ridiculous. A debate that was aired live on yesterdays This Morning.

If you missed the debate in action you can see the video here: This Morning – The Vagacial: Is this intimate beauty treatment a step too far?

What are your views about the vagacial? Would you have it done? How would you feel asking for one at your local salon? Share your thoughts with us by commenting at the end of this post, we’d love to hear your views.