Latest Lifestyle Reports Show Beauty Product Sales Rise Despite Recession

The latest Lifestyle report by Mintel shows that our personal spending on beauty and personal care products has grown by 11% since the start of the current recession in 2007.

lipsticksWe may have noticed our pockets feeling lighter, despite working as many hours as possible, but it hasn’t stopped us from wanting to look and feel good. The recent findings from Mintel have dubbed the term the “lipstick effect” as we look for cheaper, quick fixes such as lipsticks and cosmetics to lift our mood in these hard times.

But the news came as no surprise to beauticians and those in the beauty industry, as the same was noted by a recent industry report which found that instead of those big, extravagant purchases like holidays abroad and new cars, we were being a little more conservative with our cash and treating ourselves to small beauty treatments, such as nails, facials and spray tans.

So with the figures now published, what are your views? What have you given up and what do you like to do to cheer yourself up?