Love Your Body

Last night I met up with some friends who I hadn’t seen for a while. We had so much to talk about as we have all had so many changes in our lives. One has separated from her husband of ten years after finding out he had cheated on her for a long length of time, one had her second child nine weeks ago and the other has just become a grandma for the first time.

As we do, when all girls get together, we were putting the world to rights and discussing the good and the bad. Somehow, during all of this, we got onto our appearances and how we feel about ourselves. How certain events and things that have happened over the past few months has impacted on how we feel about ourselves.

During the conversation we got onto the topic of the Dove advert that asked what you loved about your own body and what you loved about your friend. I hadn’t seen the advert, or couldn’t remember seeing it before, so decided to look it up. I watched it and was amazed at how we all, including me, struggle to say what we like about ourselves yet can instantly spot the great attributes of our friends.

If you haven’t seen the advert I have posted it below. Watch it and see how you feel. Can you instantly say what you like about your body? If not then stop what you are doing and look at yourself. Really look. And don’t stop until you see something that you think ‘well actually, that part of me isn’t so bad after all’. Do it now and embrace that thought.

We are all individual and unique. We should embrace what we have been given and accept who and what we are. Only then can we be truly happy with our bodies.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I hadn’t seen that before either – what a lovely advert! It is strange how we’re all so critical of our own appearance… and a waste of time too, thinking about it. We are who we are and we should be thankful for the unique body we’ve been given.