Post-Tan & Aftercare Advice

Immediately After Your Tan

  • Wear loose, dark clothing
  • Keep your skin dry and avoid water contact
  • Do not apply any beauty products to the developing tan
  • Allow the tan to develop for a minimum of 8 hours (you can sleep in your tan overnight and shower off in the morning) for our standard tanning solutions, or after 2-4 hours for our Fast Tan
  • Avoid other beauty treatments while the tan is developing
  • Avoid any activities that will make you perspire (a great excuse for skipping the gym!)
  • Be careful when using toothpaste as it may strip the colour from your tan

After Your Tan Has Developed

  • Rinse off any remaining guide colour with warm water. When the water runs clear you can gently wash with a mild soap.
  • Moisturise the skin with an oil-free moisturiser

Aftercare Advice

To prolong you tan we recommend:

  • Bathe in warm water
  • Avoid soap based products as the alkalines in certain cleansing products can react with the tan and strip the colour, leaving skin patchy
  • Keep your skin well moisturised, especially after showering/bathing, using an oil-free moisturiser
  • Avoid products that contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) as they can strip the colour of your tan
  • Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can fade your tan
  • 5-7 days after your initial tan, gently exfoliate the skin. Repeat this every 2 days to ensure your tan fades evenly and to prepare for your next tan

Recommended Products

la-tan-exfoliating-body-wash la-tan-moisturiser la-tan-extender
Exfoliating Body Wash Oil-Free Moisturiser Tan Extender
 Exfoliating body wash with a refreshing lemon grass fragrance. The perfect way to prep your skin in order for your tan. None abrasive grains lift away any dead skin cells and oils, ensuring smooth skin resulting in even tanning. Leaves skin feeling fresh, cleansed and looking radiant. Paraben Free & Alcohol Free.250ml in size. Light oil free moisturiser with a refreshing lemon grass fragrance. As it contains no oil it wont break down your tan or clog the pores. Leaves your skin looking healthy, vibrant and shine free, whilst intensively moisturising your skin. Paraben Free & Alcohol Free.200ml in size. Gradual self tan with tan extender has a refreshing lemon grass fragrance. Designed to build a golden natural colour, whilst intensively moisturising and conditioning your skin. Can also be used to prolong your existing tan. Nourishing Aloe Vera extracts leave the skin conditioned with a radiant glow. Paraben Free & Alcohol Free.200ml in size.
£10.00   £15.00  £15.00