Why have a Spray Tan?


So why would you want to have a spray tan?

Spray Tans have become increasingly popular as people take more care of their looks and are now more aware of the dangers of UV rays from sunbathing and sunbeds which can cause Cancer and premature ageing. Even the government are taking steps to prevent under 18’s from using sunbeds because of the dangers they pose.

Tans have also seen a rise in popularity because of television make-over shows and reality shows such as The Only Way Is Essex. Having a tanned body can make you look healthy and confident and are commonly requested for special occasions such as weddings or Saturday night’s out.

Here are a few of the benefits of Spray Tanning:

  • It’s Quick
    Spray tans take approximately 10-15 minutes
  • It’s Safe
    You are not exposed to any harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • It’s Natural Looking
    We have a range of solutions to ensure you get the perfect, natural-looking tan for your skin tone – our solutions wont send you orange!
  • It’s Good for your Skin
    Our solutions are selected for their moisturising and anti-oxidant benefits for the skin*
  • It will Boost your Confidence
    Having a tan seems to make you instantly feel more confident and attractive (I know it does for me!)
  • It’s an All-Year-Round Tan
    No matter what the weather is like, spray tanning allows you to have an all-year-round glow

*All our solutions are Fragrant Free, Paraben Free and Alcohol Free. We use LA Tanning solutions which contain only the highest quality ingredients, including Aloe Vera Gel and a Blend of 5 Vitamins. These ingredients moisturise the skin to prevent the skin from drying out and subsequent loss of tan. Their solutions also include White and Green Tea Extracts which are a highly effective anti-oxidant.